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Why Record with Sunnyside?

RecordingSunnyside is made up of an acoustically sound live room with peaked ceilings which was designed to let your sound breath and give your recordings that ‘organic feel’. Our control-room was purpose built to suit the needs of our engineers and allows them to capture your sound the best way possible, and as you would expect is separate from the live room which gives us complete control over any recording. We also have a fully treated mic booth that is large enough to allow any instrument, amp or vocalist to lay down a sound without any unwanted noise.

Total Control

Our Control Room

Our control room consists of an ever expanding selection of new & old, high end gear, ranging from ‘industry standard’ preamps like Universal Audio, Avalon and SSL, a 16track Focusrite Liquid Saffire interface, Carvin & Line6 guitar preamps to a stack of quality outboard gear all running through the latest Pro Tools recording software and accompanied by a huge choice of the latest & greatest plugins, all of which can be experienced through our stunning Yamaha monitors. We also have a great collection of¬†condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones ranging from the amazing AKG-414 and Rode NT1 to the ever popular Shure SM57 & Beta 58’s.

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Our Gear

Gear3Here at Sunnyside we’re continually adding to our ever growing range of back line amps, speaker cabinets and combo’s, and along with our acoustic, bass and electric guitars we also have a number of keyboards and other miscellaneous instruments to choose from. None more so than our very own ‘fully tuned’ drum kit which is ready to go at a moments notice. And with such names as Marshall, Ampeg, Fender, Fisonic, Takamine, Maton and Music Man just to name a few, you won’t be short on choices if you decide you would like to try something a little different from your usual setup.

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