About Sunnyside.

Learn how Sunnyside Recording Studio was born.

About Sunnyside

Music Is Our Passion

PassionMusic, it’s literally all around us. We play it, we feel it, we have fun with it, we even work with it. For me personally the main drive behind building Sunnyside was the collaboration of people involved in a creative process and the way they communicate with each other within an unrestricted craft that sets no boundaries, no initial directions or rules. When a group of people come together to create music, it can say what it wants, go where it wants, and bring people from all walks of life together as equals, that’s why Sunnyside was built. I’m a musician that learns through the other musicians I create with, for me it’s about being part of that interaction.

Our History

History 3Sunnyside Recording Studio originally started life as a shed, which was always jam packed to the roof with cars, parts, tools and bike gear along with a collection of useless bits and pieces and a number of unfinished projects. Lovingly nicknamed “Sunnyside Garage” you could hardly walk through it without getting greasy as sin. There were a lot of late nights spent working on projects and just chillin’ out. I sort of had two lives, one was working on cars, going to car meets and hanging out with the friends I grew up with, while the other side of life was a separate world of playing music and being involved in a local studio with a completely different group of people.

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The Catalyst

Catalyst 2Things started to heat up at the studio, along with it’s reputation, more and more recordings were coming out of the place, then it all stopped! We were locked out due to disagreements with management and ended up in limbo. A few ideas were thrown around but it just seemed too hard to find a space, the money, and the time that was needed to get it up and running, but I just couldn’t let it go, that whole studio vibe of people getting together and working towards a sound just had me hooked. Much like the shed it wasn’t just about the projects, it was also about the people that gathered, relationships that were built and the times we shared.

Sunnyside Is Born

Born 3Dad (Sunny) and I took it upon ourselves to make this happen. Sunny willingly gave up the shed, and all the cars, bikes, and parts were either given away, sold off or recycled. There were a lot of late nights and plenty of hard earned money spent on designing & building Sunnyside Recording Studio which is continually being refined and upgraded so that everyone who visits us will benefit, which helps to create a space for artists to explore ideas, share their knowledge but most of all, to express who they are through their music. Every day is a new day at Sunnyside Recording Studio and every sound unique.

About Sunnyside
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